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Tad Hin Yao
The memory @ Tad Hin Yao Sep 29, '07 7:54 AM
for everyone



A  picture that shown on the computer stroked my eyes. It is the picture of a group of people tried to cross the river. Where is it? A very rapid question happened in my mind. But in a second I could find the answer just below the picture "Tad Hin Yao". This picture was shown on the website that Si always took a look at which is It is the website of travel-lovers which contains many information and pictures of tourist attractions. Sometime they go out on the trip together, this time too. I told Si to see the website at once. After she had looked she asked me if I would like to go. I asked her then "Can I go there?" "Yes, you can" she replied "But I'm not the one in your club and I have never ever traveled through a forest before." "That's fine, they always welcome new friends. And this trip is very suit for you. It 's not hard just a long walk on the flat way. It has to cross the river once but I think you can make it" Si said. "Wow, great let's go there Tad Hin Yao" 

Before leaving to Tad Hin Yao, I had so much things to prepare. Begin with the shoes, I had to find one that not too slippery. Then there were many things I needed to bring with me to the forest such as a flashlight, a rain coat, a mosquito-repellent and a water canteen. But the most important thing I needed to prepare was my body and my mind. I don't want to be a hindrance. We decided to drive our own car to the place instead of taking the van with other people. Because we were very busy on the day of leaving so we had to finished our job first and then follow them to the place.

On the day of leaving, we so lucky that we could finish our task earlier. Therefore we drove slowly to Nakorn-Nayok and then to Prajeenburi.We stopped to wait the others at the gas station at Prajuntakam district. Not too long they came to meet us. This time I followed them to Tad Hin Yao. The first night we rest at the shelter nearby the national park office. The next day I woke up early. This was the first time I could see the faces of friends who go on this trip together. There was no one I ever met before. Only P’ Ake the webmaster of chomthai and the head of this trip that I was families to. But in this trip also had new comers like me too. After breakfast, we put all the stuffs back to the backpack and then started our journey.

Only five minutes walk through the forest, the first sight we met was the Ta-Rao water fall. It was very beautiful. I didn’t forget to take the photo. Now I felt very exciting. What’s the next thing I would meet? I couldn’t wait to see. But after a long way of ascent with no any water, I felt so tried and discourage. I found out that we had separated into two groups I’m not sure when. But I was in the leader group. The forest officer shown us that we just only have 5 kilo walked. There were ten more left but the way would be up and down. Oh I looked at the others. I thought everyone would feel like me. But hey, I saw John. John was the dog of the forest officer. He was the one who would guide us to the destination too. He still looked very fine. I thought if John could do why I couldn’t.

About noon we could reach Kan-Krit Sa Nar where we rest to take our lunch and crossed the river to our camping site. I could take a nap before the others (the following group) could reach us. After a big break our guides told us that the water was very strong today that we couldn’t cross the river here. We had to move to the other place. So we walked to Sub-Mak but we luckily that there was a truck passed by and took us to the place. Fortunate had tricked us again when the truck got stuck by the mud. Everybody put the effort to moved the truck and succeeded. At Sub-Mak the water stream was also strong. We slowly crossed the water one by one. The men helped to bring the backpacks crossed the river first and help the ladies then. John hurried to jump into the water but he couldn’t resist the water steam. He almost sank when one of our friends could help him.

Finally after a very long long walk we could reach our destination, our camping site Tad Hin Yao water fall. The first thing I saw was very long cays that combined to be a very big water fall. It was very beautiful and amazing. I forgot all my tiredness. I thought this was worth for us to get here. In the middle of the national park, the beauty was hided from civilization.  I was lucky to see it with my own eyes. We stared to make our based camp for tonight. Somebody made tents while the others tying their hammocks. That night we cook easily under the moon light but the dinner was delicious and we had a great talk before I went to sleep. The moon light this night was shining brightly expelled the fare of the darkness. I laid down underneath the moon light, wished I could pass this night safety and gained my power back for the next day.

The following day started not quite good when Si felt ill and had a headache. It happened because we didn’t bring the sleeping bag with us and the weather last night was a little bit cold. I woke up to fine something for breakfast for myself and Si. P’ Ake gave us some medicine that could help very much. After a nap, Si recovered to feel fine again. This morning p’ Ake guided us to another water fall that not far from where we were. To reach there I had to climbed a big rock but the result is worth to do. It‘s not less beautiful than another one. I know it’s name after I came back which was Song Srai water fall. For lunch, I cook MaMa for every one because it was the only thing I could do. After a meal we packed our stuffs and prepared to go back.

The way back took not a long time because most of the path was to get down the mountain. We didn’t had the trouble to cross the river like yesterday because the water flow slowly. John allowed us to carry him crossed the water but finally he still hurried to jump to bank that made my friend who carried him almost fell. Getting down the mountain was not quick as I expected. The slop was very high so we had to be very carefully. We were still in the leader group but we walked on our own without the guide. Once we thought that we got lose but finally we could reach the destination safety. Before leaving we took a bath and change our cloth. Then someone bought Som tum kai yar for us. We had a very happy meal.

I drove back home, stopped to have the dinner with the others at Nakorn-Nayok. Before separating at the gas station someone asked me “Would you come to the next the trip with Chomthai?” I said “Sure, But I would ask the way first (ha ha ha)” .The depth in my mind I want to say Thank you for Chomthai and for all the helping, the friendship and the good memory through the way. Thank You the nature that taught me a lot to be patience, to be faithful. For that thing the nature gave the reward to me



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